Wine, beer, spirits, and liqueurs are all made with alcohol. People who abuse this legal sedative medicine risk becoming addicted or dependent on it. Alcohol effects can alter a person’s behavior. Violence, criminality, accidents, and drunk driving are all the consequences of alcohol misuse.It will destroy your health and damage your relationships and community.

Drinking excessively:

When you drink too much in one sitting, hangover, nausea and vomiting are all the symptoms of overindulgence. When you drink excessively frequently, the long-term health consequences are more severe.

Drinking and mental health:

Alcoholism affects both young and older adults, depending on how much they drink and how often. It is not the same as having a drinking issue if you have an alcohol addiction. But if you don’t reduce the amount of alcohol in your life, you could become addicted.



An alcoholic is unable to stop drinking because they have no control over it. Alcoholism can kill you and addiction to or reliance on alcohol is a disease. If you stop drinking, you will feel withdrawal symptoms.

Drinking to excess:

Binge drinking is the practice of consuming an excessive amount of alcohol effects in a short period. Binge drinking is defined as consuming more than eight units of alcohol in one sitting. More than six units are required for a lady on one occasion.


After a night of heavy drinking, one is likely to suffer from a hangover. Dehydration and alcohol poisoning set in when you’re hungover.


After smoking, alcohol is the second leading cause of cancer. If you frequently exceed the weekly alcohol limit.There is a more significant chance that you will develop: mouth cancer, throat cancer.

Cancer of the breast:

Alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer in women. The more alcohol effects you consume, the greater the danger of a hangover. The female sex hormone estrogen is affected by alcohol consumption. When it comes to a woman’s reproductive system, estrogen is crucial. But breast cancer can be sparked by it.

The circulatory system:

Drinking alcohol, which boosts blood pressure, may increase your chance of a heart attack or stroke. As a result, alcohol also damages cardiac muscle. It’s possible that this can harm the lungs, liver, and other vital organs, as well as the heart.Drinking excessively for an extended period might lead to an irregular heartbeat as a result of excessive drinking. Sudden death has been connected to this disorder.


Lung infections, such as pneumonia, can result from heavy drinking. Your lung could collapse as well. People who have consumed alcohol and vomit run the risk of collapsing because of the possibility of vomit entering their lungs.



If you drink a lot of alcohol, your liver becomes fatty. Alcoholic hepatitis, which can lead to liver failure and death, can be caused by this. Liver cirrhosis can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, which irreversibly damages the liver. Liver cancer is more likely as a result. It takes a woman longer to break down and heal her liver when it is harmed by alcohol effects.


High blood pressure can be caused by excessive drinking. Chronic renal disease is a result of this.


Infertility can be caused by long-term drinking in both men and women. Male impotence is also possible. Pregnant women should avoid drinking alcohol because it can harm their unborn child’s development.


The body’s ability to absorb calcium is inhibited by alcohol consumption. Your bones will grow weak and brittle if you don’t get enough calcium. When it comes to weight growth. If you drink alcohol regularly, you may gain weight. Because of their high sugar and carbohydrate content, alcoholic beverages are a good source of calories. Alcohol effects have little nutritional value and the calories are meaningless.