Cocaine Addiction Treatment Baltimore

Cocaine is a very addictive stimulant drug. It increases the activity of the brain on the body.

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This means that an Cocaine addiction person will feel more energetic, more alert, etc, it is a fine white powder, but can also be found in crystal form as crack cocaine, a variant of cocaine. People can inhale it, take it orally, and take it intravenously in the direct bloodstream or through smoking.

Cocaine is an addictive substance. Some people can get hooked on it from the very first use. It is a stimulant that creates a “high” feeling very quickly.

The overstimulation created by the drug quickly fades, which is one of the reasons that people are caused to use it again and again to reach the “high”. This is the cycle of abuse and Cocaine addiction can start. Over time, the withdrawal symptoms associated with cocaine also plays a part. The person wants to use it again so that they can avoid the withdrawal symptoms.

Another phenomenon associated with cocaine is the tolerance that will develop. So, a higher dose of the substance is used to feel the full effect.

This leads to people taking dangerous doses and sometimes even mixing cocaine with other drugs that lead to a dangerous scenario and life-threatening situation.

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How To Help People Who Are In Cocaine Addiction?

Firstly learn about what is cocaine addiction. So you will come to know what it does to a person and how people struggling with addiction will react to a life situation. Also, go through cocaine treatment options for the addicted person. Taking the help of a professional would be very helpful. Counselors can help you understand the treatment steps recommended for the addicted person.

Secondly, help the addicted person know that you are there for support. When you are having a conversation with the addicted person make sure they are sober and in a relaxed state. If the person is influenced then the message might not be effective and also could be counterproductive.

Thirdly support the person but not the addiction. Boundaries should be set to show that addictive behavior is not supported. This may include cutting financial assistance. Also literate the person of the consequences they will face if they keep using cocaine. It may seem unkind, but then you are helping the person to let go of the Cocaine addiction.

Fourthly persist in communicating with the Cocaine addiction person and influence to get professional assistance. You can ask for professional intervention. An intervention is a specific process with steps designed to make the person realize they have a problem and need treatment.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

When a person is addicted the primary course is starting with the detox. This is stopping the intake of cocaine and letting the body eliminate the cocaine and going through the withdrawal symptoms. That makes it important that the person is physically and psychologically stable before undergoing the rehabilitation process. This can be best done when a professional service is involved where the addict can be monitored and receive help, for a safe and comfortable withdrawal phase. Cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be psychologically very tough. And if these are not micromanaged, the person could either relapse or can cause physical harm to themselves.

Few Withdrawal Symptoms Are:

  • Anxiety, depression, fatigue,
  • Hostility, unable to experience sexual arousal
  • Insomnia, mood swings, lack of pleasure
  • Paranoia, restlessness, suicidal thoughts, and more

The severity of the withdrawal and length of detox may vary from one person to another. Depending on the metabolism of a person, like how long they were using, the quantity of cocaine been used, etc. so the best thing to do is get the addict assessed by a professional to figure out the best course of action. Also, the rehab program should be oriented.

Inpatient Treatment For Cocaine Addiction

Inpatient treatment is wherein you stay at the facility and undergo treatment. Treatment is provided 24/7 supervision and care from professionals. The main benefit of this program is the recovering addict is taken out of his environment, away from the pace where they face that triggering action, and the only focus is on recovery and sobriety. This can prevent relapse while undergoing treatment. Following treatment, whether one attends a long-term or short-term rehab, it is wise to take aftercare service, to make sure the transition back to normal life is smooth.


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