Drug Detoxification In Queen Anne's County

We provide reliable and safe drug detoxification services (we do not detox from designers and opiates drugs).

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Drug Rehab Queen Anne’s County helps you to safely split drug chains, re-establish metabolic equilibrium in an exhausted organism, and stop intoxicating substances. Detox alleviates the distressing physical and mental effects of withdrawal and prepares the patient for more care aimed at a new, healthier lifestyle.

What Is Drug Detox?

The detoxification of the body from drugs is known as drug detox. This medical procedure aims to relieve the symptoms of opioid withdrawal and to replenish toxins-depleted fluid, vitamin, and mineral levels in the body.

What Exactly Is Drug Detoxification?

Each patient admitted to our drug detox center in Queen Anne’s County is subjected to a battery of medical tests. The doctor examines the addict’s emotional and physical state and prescribes pharmacological agents to help them deal with the withdrawal symptoms of the addictive drug (the so-called drug craving).

The patient is given painkillers, hypnotics, sedatives, antipyretics, muscle cramps, blood pressure medications (only preparations selected based on previous studies).

Parallel to medications, we give drips to replenish the missing vitamins and minerals and restore the proper level of electrolytes.


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What Is Worth Knowing About The Withdrawal Syndrome?

After discontinuing the addictive substance, the so-called “Biochemical starvation”. Compounds in drugs enter the bloodstream and the body gets used to them. When they run out, there is a change in metabolic processes. This causes a series of unpleasant physical and mental symptoms (caused by the nervous system) known as withdrawal syndrome. Its most common symptoms include:

  • headaches
  • muscle aches and cramps
  • nausea or vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • shaking hands
  • irritability, nervousness
  • bouts of aggression
  • disturbances in the rhythm of sleep
  • pressure surges

Many people who give up drugs abruptly develop anxiety or depressive states and dangerous hallucinations (drug hallucinations).

The most serious symptoms of withdrawal are epilepsy and collapse (they appear in extreme cases).

Who Should Go For A Detox?

Detoxification should not be performed alone due to the severe problems that may result from drug withdrawal following drug withdrawal. People who are addicted to narcotics and have signs of drug cravings should come to detoxify their bodies.

What Next After Detoxification?

Drug detox is not a form of therapy. This medical process does not cure drug addiction. Its purpose is to cleanse the bloodstream of toxins, replenish electrolytes and restore proper metabolism at the metabolic level. Properly selected drugs allow you to survive the most difficult period immediately after drug withdrawal.

Why Is It Worth Carrying Out Drug Detoxification At Queen Anne’s County?

Drug Rehab in Queen Anne’s county is a place where we carry out a safe drug detox in a friendly and discreet atmosphere. The action plan is always prepared for a specific patient based on a previously conducted interview. After the analysis, we select the appropriate drugs that maximally alleviate the effects of drug craving. The detox is carried out as part of a 2-week “motivational stay” in which, depending on the possibilities and well-being, the patient begins to participate in therapeutic activities and psychological values ​​(group and individual).



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